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Why are Pulpypapaya Bean Bags the Best and most unique?

Why are Pulpypapaya Bean Bags the Best and most unique?
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What Makes Pulpypapaya Bean Bags the best?

No other chair can offer you the comfort of sinking down deep so that you can be so invisible for hours - That’s a bean bag for you!

While they come in quirky designs or in canvas or in leather, Pulpypapaya handcrafts eco friendly premium bean bags in block prints or Tied and Dyed designs that are not only comfortable but add a gasping “wow” for everyone who sees it.

And don’t get us wrong thinking that bean bags are new seating concepts. Before being known as “bean bag” they were called “sacco” and first designed by three Italian designers Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro in 1968 in Italy’s modernist era. Not many know that dried beans were actually used as fillers in the bean bag, hence the name.

What makes the Pulpypapaya Bean Bags unique?

Let us find out the reasons which make Pulpypapaya Bean Bags the most unique and desirable bean bags.

1. Pure Cotton Canvas -

Pulpypapaya canvas bean bags are especially crafted to give the best long term benefit. Canvas is tough and lasts long. This makes it ideal for people who want a low maintenance bean bag. Available in primary colors, they stand apart with their simplistic look. Almost 95% of bean bags in the market are faux leather bean bags. While faux leather bean bags are cheap, they aren’t exactly long lasting. Also they peel off and tend to lose their durability. What’s more is that they are available in boring black and brown colors mostly.

2. Quirky and colorful -

Pulpypapaya is synonymous with contemporary fun and quirky handcrafted items and our bean bags are no exception. We incorporate hand block printing and Tie and Dye as the print techniques and add beautiful colors making these quirky bean bags fun for everyday use. Wide variety of colors are the hallmark of the pulpypapaya bean bags. You can have Yellow bean bag with Mooch print, subtle coffee brown bean bag for sober interiors, Quirky red bean bags for playful ambience or soothing blue bean bag for outdoors. All Pulpypapaya bean bags come with handles. You can pick them and move around without having to lug them in two arms. Isn’t that cool?

3. Washable -

Another benefit is that Pulpypapaya canvas bean bags are completely washable. The colors don't fade even after several washes. These can be washed by hands or in machine unlike the Pu leather/rexine/leatherette bean bags. This feature makes Pulpypapaya fabric bean bags very hygienic as compared to other bean bags. Thus Pulpypapaya fabric bean bags are the most hygienic and clean bean bag chairs you can buy anywhere.

4. Hand Block Printed/Tie and Dye -

All Pulpypapaya bean bags are printed using traditional printing techniques like the hand block printing technique and tie and dye technique. Majority of our bean bags are hand block printed bean bags. Color combinations are developed at the Pulpypapaya Design Studio to have bean bags for all types of interiors. Therefore, they get along well with all home interiors, making them the most compatible bean bags to buy. Our block print designs are funky and lend a natural appeal to people of all ages.Each print is unique and caters to different age groups. Hand block printing is an ancient technique for printing. Read more about hand block printing here. Read more about Tie and dye printing here.

5. Eco Friendly -

All pulpypapaya products are environment friendly and do not harm mother nature. All Pulpypapaya bean bags are made in 100 % natural materials. Vinyl inks used in digitally printed canvas bean bags cause skin irritation and infections. When you buy a Pulpypapaya hand block printed cotton canvas bean bag, you save the nature by saying no to the synthetic pu leather bean bags which are all chemicals and non biodegradable. It is high time we switch from cheap PU leather bean bags to much better and eco friendly fabric and canvas bean bags.

6. Highly Durable -

Our bean bags easily bear weight and resist compression and sinking because of the tough materials used. Each bean bag is made from very high tensile strength cotton canvas. Best quality strong threads are used for stitching the bean bags thus avoiding loosening and wearing out. we make one of the sturdiest bean bags.

7. Contemporary Designs -

The pulpypapaya bean bags are “Designer” class. Not only are they designed to be anatomic in structure, the materials used in designing them are a perfect balance of comfort and being sturdy. Apart from this, the material is chosen with care, keeping in mind the strength and the long lasting impact of usage. Since our in-house designer combines science with art, our bean bags have a great design advantage. The fact that they are contemporary in design makes them so loved by the users.

While the best kinds of bean bags are the ones that conform to the scientific principles of sitting, Pulpypapaya has blended art and science to a strict precision thanks to the emphasis on quality and customer happiness. Tough materials, double stitching and unique design, quirky block prints for appealing looks and filled to avoid sinking, ease of portability; all these aspects lead to the fulfillment of the principles of great design. Of course, undoubtedly the Pulpypapaya bean bags definitely are the best buy!


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