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Bani Wifey Wristlet

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Rs. 1,699.00
  • Designed in high-quality leather  
  • Hand-painted by artists highlighting Madhubani art
  • Cotton fabric lining
  • Front pocket / Zipped section inside
  • Leather strap with sturdy metal zip

She is an epitome of virtue and a reminder of who you are.  Put in your cash, cardholder, spectacles and other knick-knacks. Sturdy lining and strong stitch work ensure that this hand-painted leather wristlet holds all your things very well.  Coordinate it with ladies leather bag.


    • Material: Leather
    • Color: Navy Blue
    • Dimension: 12.5x3x10 Inches
    • Cleaning: Due to leather work this product is not water friendly. If needed use a slightly damp cloth to clean it.
    • Care: Since the product is meant to be kept away from water if water is sprinkled accidentally it will do no harm if wiped immediately with a dry cloth. Preventing water contact will increase the life of the product significantly.
      • Leather Craft: Leather made products is one of the oldest forms of craft with pictorial evidence of leather clothing dating back to 20000 BC. Dyeing techniques have been recorded around 8000 BC, marking the beginning of the use of leather in bag making. The craft has evolved a lot since then but the machines and robotics have not taken over this craft yet. Most part of the work is done by hands and all leather is sourced ethically from dead animals.
      • Hand Painting: Handmade and vintage art form has always been done by hand giving it a human dimension to the expression of creativity. Though time-consuming our in-house artists and illustrators love to spend hours getting their hands soaked into various colors.
      • Madhubani Art: A 2500-year-old folk art - the beautiful Madhubani or Mithila art - originating from regions of Nepal and Bihar is a concept-driven art focusing on marriages, birth, religious functions and native symbols. Madhubani paintings are done with various tools like twigs, brushes, nib-pens, matchsticks and even fingers. Traditionally incorporated natural dyes and pigments are used to create a fusion of this ancient art with contemporary ethos.

      You are buying a handcrafted product. Slight irregularities, design and color variations are the inherent part of every handcrafted product which is the actual beauty and uniqueness of the same

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