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Illusionati Eyes

Illusionati Eyes
Illusionati Eyes
Illusionati Eyes
Illusionati Eyes
Illusionati Eyes
Illusionati Eyes
Rs. 899.00
  • Hand Painted by artists showcasing their creative spirit in art
  • Premium Bio-washed super soft cotton tee
  • Authentic artwork developed at Pulpypapaya Studio

When it is in the mind’s eye, the eyes that see go beyond what is actually seen. This hand painted t-shirt therefore makes a great eye-catching wear. With great emphasis and highlight on design, this hand painted t-shirt is a delightful attraction due to its 100% authentic design. Hand-painted by our artisans this is one of our signature artwork products. Team it up with hand painted boxers or sneakers

SKU: HPMTWH0106CJJ Material: Bio-Washed Cotton Color: White Art/Craft: Hand Painted, Psychedelic Art
  • Do not dry clean : Chemicals used by dry cleaners are very harsh.Since this product does not require dry cleaning save the garment from harsh chemicals and thus increase its life
  • Do not tumble dry: Do not put the product in the dryer to dry. Instead leave the garment to dip dry or flat dry on a rack. Tumble dry shrinks this kind of fabric and the fabric might lose its softness. The color might also fade away up to three tones or even more
  • Do not wash in hot water: Wash the product at temperatures lower than 40 degree Celcius. Washing clothes in hot water wastes energy, time and money and still it is harmful to the fabric. May result in fading and shrinkage
  • Medium iron: Iron the garment on medium temperatures to avoid color fading and burn marks
  • Do not bleach : Do not bleach the product or else it will be greatly damaged
Hand Painting: Handmade and vintage art form has always been done by hand giving it a human dimension to the expression of creativity. Though time consuming our in-house artists and illustrators love to spend hours getting their hands soaked into various colors Psychedelic Art: Psychedelic art is any art or visual display inspired by psychedelic experiences and hallucinations.The word "psychedelic" (coined by British psychologist Humphry Osmond) means "mind manifesting". By that definition, all artistic efforts to depict the inner world of the psyche may be considered "psychedelic"

You are buying a handcrafted product. Slight irregularities, design and color variations are the inherent part of every handcrafted product which is the actual beauty and uniqueness of the same

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