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Royal Charm Earring

Rs. 599.00
  • Hand Painted by artists highlighting Mandana art form
  • Handcrafted by artisans in Natural wood material  highlighting the cut out figurines
  • Lightweight and durable

Mandana is symbolic of good things and these figurines representing people working for the royalty are holding the lotus making you look regal when you wear it. Crafted in sturdy steam beach timber, the Royal Charm earring works as a charm having painted the mandana art on it. Mandana art is believed to supposedly bring good tidings - so should it do the same to you when you buy. It doesn’t hurt your earlobes since it is light weight

SKU: ERHPMC4012IJ Color: Multicolor Material: Steam Beach Timber Art/Craft: Hand Painted, Mandana Art
Dimension: 3x1 inches
  • Keep away from water. If needed wipe with damp cloth
  • Keep it wrapped in the fabric it comes in or in soft cotton

Hand Painting: Handmade and vintage art form has always been done by hand giving it a human dimension to the expression of creativity. Though time consuming our in-house artists and illustrators love to spend hours getting their hands soaked into various colors

Mandana Art: The traditional form of the art, Mandana, which in Sanskrit means “to invent” is created with the belief that madanas aid good luck and ward off evil, and hence, perfect to welcome the deities and express happiness and joy.Mandana Art was typically practiced on the mud walls and floors is close to being extinct with the advent of the pucca (concrete) houses being constructed even in villages now as the traditional form doesn’t go well with the concrete walls. However, it is conserved in a contemporary form and being propagated to the masses through various means and is also incorporated in our designs

You are buying a handcrafted product. Slight irregularities, design and color variations are the inherent part of every handcrafted product which is the actual beauty and uniqueness of the same

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